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Laboratory of Material Micromechanics
Laboratory of Technical Diagnostics
Laboratory of Constructional Material Science
Laboratory of Deformation and Destruction
Laboratory of System Simulation
Laboratory of Applied Mechanics
Laboratory of Deformation Mechanics
Sector of Nonlinear Vortex Hydrodynamics
Sector of New Materials and Technologies
Sector of Information Technologies
Department of Transportation Vehicles Mechanics
Accredited in system of analytic test laboratories
Accredited in system "Nanocertifica"
Collective centre "Plastometria"
Laboratory of undestructive monitoring
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Mechanics of solids and structures, advanced materials and technologies
Automated systems of measurements, nondestructive testing and diagnostics of machine life
Basic algorithms, software and hardware for systems of automated control of compound objects
Mechanics and control of transportation and traction machines
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Historical Note
Main Fields of Research Activities
Scientific Council
Research Assistants
Postgraduate Education

Scientific Council

  1. Smirnov Sergey Vitalievich (chairman), Dr. Sc. engineering sciences

  2. Povolotskaya Anna Moiseevna (secretary), PhD engineering sciences

  3. Emelyanov Igor Georgievich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences, professor

  4. Gladkovsky Sergey Viktorovich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences, associate professor

  5. Konovalov Anatoly Vladimirovich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences, professor

  6. Koroleva Lyubov Fedorovna, Dr. Sc. chemical sciences

  7. Makarov Aleksey Viktorovich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences, senior researcher

  8. Polyakov Andrey Petrovich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences, associate professor

  9. Prosviryakov Evgeny , Dr. Sc. physical and mathematical sciences

  10. Pugacheva Nataliya Borisovna, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences, associate professor

  11. Shveikin Vladimir Pavlovich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences

  12. Taratorkin Igor Alexandrovich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences

  13. Zalazinskiy Aleksandr Georgievich, Dr. Sc. engineering sciences

  14. Burov Sergey , PhD engineering sciences

  15. Kamantsev Ivan Sergeevich, PhD engineering sciences

  16. Lookin Nikolay Alekseevich, PhD engineering sciences

  17. Savrai Roman Anatolievich, PhD engineering sciences

  18. Smirnov Alexandr , PhD engineering sciences

  19. Soboleva Natalia Nikolajevna, PhD engineering sciences

  20. Spevak Lev Fridrihovich, PhD engineering sciences

  21. Zadvorkin Sergey Mikhaylovich, PhD physical and mathematical sciences

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