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Publications 2012

  1. Kolmogorov V.L. Johnson W. Reid S.R. Corbett G.G. Impact Loading and Fracture of Solids: a Review and a New Theory. 2012.
    Full text>>

  2. Vandyshev A.B. Kulikov V.A. Extraction of extra pure hydrogen from methan steam conversion products in membrane equipment, combined simultaneously with two CO and CH4 conversion catalysts // Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. 2012. Vol. 47, No 11-12 (march). P. 831-836.

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  4. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. Larionov L. P. Gorbunova N.P. Doped Calcium Carbonate-Phosphate Based Biomaterial for Active // Osteogenesis/Edited by: Yunfeng Lin. University Campus STeP Ri, Croatia: InTech, 2012. p.5. P. 117-134.

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  6. Patselov A. Greenberg B. Gladkovsky S.V. Lavrikov R. Borodin E.M. Layered Metal-Intermetallic Composites in Ti-Al System: Strength under Static and Dynamic Load // AASRI Procedia. 2012. Vol. 3. P. 107-112.

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  8. Yana Lizunkova Burov S.V. Thomas Hassel Marten Sebastian Bierbaum Friedich-Wilhelm Bach Temperature control during the APN-process on the steel 1.3343 // Engineering Materials. 2012. Vol. 504-506. P. 1017-1022.

  9. Ivanov M.G. Ivanov D.M. Pavlyishko S.V. Petrov I. Vargas  A. mCguire G. Shenderova O. Nanodiamond-Based Nanolubricants // Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures. 2012. Vol. 20. Issue 4-7. P. 606-610.

  10. Dunyushkina L.A. Smirnova (Yekzemplyarova) E.O. Smirnov S.V. Kuimov V.M. Plaksin S.V. Microstructure, hardness, and electric behavior of Y-doped CaZrO3 films prepared by chemical solution deposition // Ionics. 2012. DOI 10.1007/s11581-012-0769-x.

  11. Makarov A.V. Pozdejeva N.A. Taratorkin A.I. et al. Improvement of wear resistance of quenched structural steel by nanostructuring frictional treatment // Journal of Friction and Wear. 2012. Vol. 33. – Issue: 6. P. 433-442.

  12. Gorkunov E.S. Subachev Yu.V. Zadvorkin S.M. Ulyanov A.I. Goruleva L.S. Effect of Heat Treatment on the Magnetic Behaviour of Powder Steel 50Ni2Mo under Uni-Axial tension // Proc. IMechE. Part C: J. Mechanical Engineering Science. 2012. Vol. 226. Issue 6. P. 1462-1471.

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  15. Gorbunova T.I. Pervova M.G. Trushina E.B. Pavlyishko S.V. Zapevalov A.Ya. Saloutin V.I. A New Application of Derivatives of Polychlorobiphenyls and Polyethylene Glycols // Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry. 2012. Vol. 85. No 10. P. 1632-1636.

  16. Grokhovsky V.I. Gladkovsky S.V. The static and dynamic fracture toughness of Chinga ataxite // Meteoritics & Planetary Science. 2012. 47, А163 IF 2.719.

  17. Gorkunov E.S. Subachev Yu.V. Zadvorkin S.M. et al. Effect of heat treatment and elastoplastic deformation on magnetic properties of 50Ni2Mo powder steel // Physical Mesomechanics. 2012. Vol. 15. – № 1-2. P. 122-132.

  18. Mazunin V.P. Dvoynikov D.A. Improving response in control of adjustable electric drives of mechanisms with elastic links // Russian Electrical Engineering. 2012. Volume 83, No 10. P. 556-561.
    more in detail>>

  19. Gorkunov E.S. Zadvorkin S.M. Goruleva L.S. et al. The effect of equal channel angular pressing on the mechanical and magnetic properties of 09 Gamma 2C steel // Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing. 2012. Vol. 48. – Issue: 10. P. 568-575.

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  22. Petrova (Kuteneva) S.V. Gladkovsky S.V. Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Layered Composites Based on Dissimilar Metals and Alloys / Conference Programme (Browsing) // Conference JUNIOR EUROMAT. 2012. 23-27 July, Lausanne, Switzerland [Электронный ресурс]. Режим доступа: http://www.dgm.de/tagungen/.

  23. Barashkova E. Emelyanov I.G. Stress State of Shells under Arbitrary Load // In Proceedings of 5th WSEAS International Conference on Finite Differences - Finite Elements – Finite Volumes - Boundary Elements (F-and-B'12), Prague, Czech Republic, September 24-26. 2012. P. 33-37.

  24. Ivanov M. Ivanov D. Pavlyishko S.V. Koscheev A. Shenderova O. A. Nanodiamond-based Nanolubricants: polyester oil based formulations // MRS Proceedings, 1452, mrss 12-1452-ff08-05, doi:10.1557/opl.2012.1228. 2012. http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S1946427412012286.

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