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  1. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. Dobrinskaya M.N. Kamantsev I.S. Doped calcium carbonate-phosphate used for bone tissue technology // Integrative Clinical Medicine, ISSN: 2515-0219, doi: 10.15761/ICM.1000108. 2017. V. 1(2). P. 1-7.

  2. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. Doped calcium carbonate-phosphate - a active biomaterial for osteogenesis with the transdermal ability // XX Mendeleev congress on general and applied chemistry 26-30 September, 2016, Ekaterinburg, Russia/ Abstract book in 5 volumes. 2016. Volume 4. 483 p.

  3. Dobrinskaya M.N. Larionov L.P. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. ACUTE AND SUBCHRONIC TOXICITY INVESTIGATIONOF NEW DOPED NANOCRYSTALLIZED MATERIALS / Proceedings of IRF International Conference, 28th February 2016, Goa, India, ISBN: 978-93-85973-54-3. 2016. P. 32-35.

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  6. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. Dobrinskaya M.N. Kamantsev I.S. Doped nanocrystalline calcium carbonate-phosphate – a biomaterial for bone repair and strengthening by drug delivery . DOI: 10.17804/2410-9908.2015.5.147-157 // Diagnostics, Resource and Mechanics of materials and structure. 2015. Iss/ 5. P. 147-152.
    Full text>>

  7. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. Nanoparticulate zirconia-modified solid solutions of aluminum-iron oxides for polishing titanium metal // Diagnostics, Resource and Mechanics of Materials and Structures. 2015. Issue 1. P. 90-102.

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  10. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. Final Polishing of Metals to Obtain Nanoroughened Surface with Nanoparticulate Complex Oxides of Aluminum and Iron/Recent Advances in Abrasives Research / Prof. Dirk Bahre. USA: Nova Science Publishers, 2013. Part. 6. P. 173-211.

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  20. Koroleva (Chekhomova) L.F. Use of Chromium-Containing Sewage Water Slime in the Technology of a New Abrasive Material // Chemistry for Sustainable Development. 2003. No. 1. P. 497-501.

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