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of materials and structures
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Dear participants,
Please be informed that, in view of the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the IES UB RAS has received a permission from the RFBR Presidium to postpone the Conference terms to November 9-13, 2020. The registration fee remains unchanged. The deadline for the registration fee extended to June 1, 2020.


The 14th International Conference on MECHANICS, RESOURCE AND DIAGNOSTICS OF MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES continues the traditions of the conferences entitled Mechanics of Microinhomogeneous Materials and Fracture and Resource and Diagnostics of Materials and Structures, which have been held since 2001.

  • The Conference will be held at the Institute of Engineering Science, UB RAS, 34 Komsomolskaya St., Ekaterinburg, Russia.
  • Official languages: Russian and English.
  • Papers not meeting the requirements will be rejected.

Detailed instructions are available at the following link
Guidelines for distant participation

The conference goal is initiating the effort of researchers working in the fields of mechanics of materials, material science and nondestructive testing, as well as industrial specialists, for solving scientific and applied problems. Representatives from industry and concerned organizations will have a chance to meet and discuss their problems with scientific experts, to make presentations and to participate in debates.


  • discussing topical problems and advanced achievements in solving scientific and applied problems of complex evaluation of the life of technical objects, prediction of their durability and longevity by methods of material science, nondestructive testing, and mechanics;
  • familiarizing the scientists, representatives of academic, educational, sectoral research institutes, industrial enterprises, and engineering centers with the world’s advanced experience in the application of scientific developments.

The scientific significance of the Conference:

Generalization of experience and interdisciplinary approaches to the evaluation of the service life and diagnostics of materials and structures; development of scientific ties among research groups working in this field; exchange of advanced scientific experience.

The subject-matter of the event corresponds to the priority lines of basic research in the field of material sciences and takes into consideration world development trends.

A special feature of the Conference is participation of specialists working on different lines of research, and this enables us to unite researchers working in mechanics of materials, material science and nondestructive testing and attract industry experts to solving scientific and applied problems. The Conference will cover the most important areas of basic research, such as

  • new techniques for studying and predicting the service life of mechanisms and structures under production and operation, which are based on a complex approach to the evaluation of a current state of engineering and functional materials in terms of nondestructive testing, material science, and mechanics;
  • methodology of using the results of nondestructive testing and material science analysis in models of mechanics to predict the service life of materials and structures;
  • state-of-the-art technologies of material design, production, processing, and testing aimed at increasing the level of functional properties, durability, reliability, and survivability of machine parts and structural components operated under extreme conditions;
  • interdisciplinary approach to studying advanced materials with a multilevel hierarchic structure in order to create new processes and reliable structures.

  • Scientific foundations for the development of materials with a multilevel hierarchic structure, including those designed for extreme operation conditions, namely
    - materials for aerospace and transportation industries; 
    - materials for nuclear-power engineering; 
    - materials for operation under Arctic conditions;
    - medical materials 
  • Instability and localization of deformation and fracture in hierarchically structured materials
  • Methods and devices for nondestructive testing of hierarchically structured materials and structures, including welded joints
  • Mechanics of damage and fracture
  • Material models
  • Applied issues of the strength theory
  • Strength, durability, and crack resistance
  • Plasticity, strain resistance
  • Physical-mechanical properties under extreme effects
  • Relations among the structure, mechanical and physical properties of materials
  • Fracture and wear under contact interaction
  • Increase in the mechanical properties and structural strength of materials
  • Creation of materials with a prescribed structure
  • Production and processing of functional materials
  • Methods and devices for the diagnostics of physical-mechanical properties
  • Physical methods and devices for nondestructive testing
  • Experimental mechanics
  • Material processability and fracture in technological processes
  • Evaluation and prediction of material properties degradation in operation
  • Material damage in structures
  • Simulation and evaluation of reliability and survivability of technical objects
  • Life testing of materials and structures
  • Fracture examination

SECTION 1. Evaluation and prediction of material properties degradation in operation
SECTION 2. Material damage in structures
SECTION 3. Simulation and evaluation of reliability and survivability of technical objects
SECTION 4. Life testing of materials and structures


The conference activities will consist of plenary and sectional sessions and poster presentations. Invited speakers will lecture at the plenary sessions. Plenary presentation time is 30 min. Sectional presentation time is 15 min. Poster presentations are to be in the form of A1 posters.


The Conference papers will be published in an issue of AIP Conference Proceedings, which is indexed in the Web of Science abstract database of journal articles and conference proceedings:
AIP Conference proceedings



Ekaterinburg, Russia
November 9-13, 2020

Key dates:
Registration and
abstract submission
February 1, 2020
Paper submission
March 15, 2020
Payment transfer
October 1, 2020

Founder:  Institute of Engineering Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch)
Questions are welcome by phone: +7 (343) 362-30-17 or by e-mail: conf_mrdmk2020@mail.ru
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